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3rd Form

“Principles of design:
1. Use both knowledge in the world and knowledge in the head.
2. Simplify the structure of tasks.
3. Make things visible: bridge gulfs between Execution and Evaluation.
4. Get the mappings right.
5. Exploit the power of constraints.
6. Design for error.
7. When all else fails, standardize.”
Donald A. Norman (The Design of Everyday Things)

The interface of book is intuitive therefore should be leveraged within an interface. A (physical) book has the affordance of tactility, portability, and price. Because of this, I think that the book can have an interactive aspect that utilizes its current form. The book is a very intuitive object / artifact. Since everyone understand how to flip though pages, I figured I would prototype a way to access the interaction for the purposes of the archive. The opening of pages then becomes self aware and the content of the archive become more seamlessly accessible. Instead of the interaction of the interactive narrative be two staged, ie read book then look at archive, I am proposing a book and archive system that can be experienced simultaneously allowing the user / reader to be engrossed in the experience of the book and archive.

First prototype is using a series of copper tape switchs that cause a MAKE microcontroller to interact with flash connecting to a screen

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